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Education Support

Education Support for Students, Parents and Teachers

Students and teachers alike are beginning to struggle with the reality of remote teaching and studying at home. While some thrive in this environment others need that little bit of extra support. Here at Carlow College, St. Patrick’s our aim is to support all in this unprecedented time.

Teaching and learning during these times, does not need to grind to a halt. They can continue through using innovative approaches with continued support.

UNESCO recently published a list of platforms and programs for online learning that may be useful to Parents, Teachers and Schools:

The Professional Development Service for teachers (pdst) have also created a website designed to support school teachers in relation to distance learning and information can be found here:

The student recruitment team at Carlow College, St. Patrick’s are here to let students know about the opportunities and study options available to them. We are here to provide students, their families and guidance counsellors with support and advice during this unprecedented time. For any enquiries for educational support you can contact

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