FETAC Students

FETAC Applicants

Carlow College, St. Patrick’s welcomes all Applicants who have obtained a FETAC/QQI level 5/6 Award. FETAC Applicants are assessed separately from all other Applicants and do not have to meet minimum entrance requirements based on leaving certificate results.

Carlow College does NOT have a limit on the number of FETAC Students that can be accepted onto any of it’s Degree programmes. Therefore, any FETAC Learner that meets the outlined requirements may be accepted onto a Degree programme at Carlow College.

Individuals who wish to apply for the level 7 or level 8 programmes at Carlow College, St. Patrick’s must hold a full FETAC/QQI level 5 award, and meet the points requirements.

Visit Careers Portal to convert your FETAC/QQI award to CAO points.

  1. The easiest way to apply to CAO is to use the online facility. Go to www.cao.ie and click ‘Apply’. Applicants can also request a paper application by contacting the CAO directly.
  2. It is extremely important that all FETAC Applicants have registered with CAO before 1st February at 17:15.
  3. After the 1st February deadline, the Late Applications facility opens on 5th March. Applicants can make a late application, for a higher fee, until 1st May at 17:15
  4. Applicants will be asked to tick the ‘Qualifications and Assessments’ section that is relevant to them. FETAC Applicants must tick the FETAC Applicants box.
  5. After completing the online CAO application, including sections 1 – 11 of the FETAC Applicant Section, Applicants must post any supporting documentation, within seven days to: CAO, Tower House, Eglinton Street, Galway.
  6. Applicants who obtain the required points for entry onto the programme and hold a full FETAC/QQI Award, may receive an offer in early August (Round 1).

Carlow College, St. Patrick’s only accept certain FETAC Awards for entry to some of our programmes.


CourseRelevant FETAC Programme
PC402: Bachelor of Arts in Arts & HumanitiesAny full major FETAC Level 5/6 award
PC410: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Arts & HumanitiesAny full major FETAC Level 5/6 award
PC411: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English and HistoryAny full major FETAC Level 5/6 award
PC405: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social, Political & Community StudiesView Here
PC404: Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care)View Here

Applicants who hold a level 6 FETAC/QQI Award may be eligible for Advanced Entry.

To find out more information regarding our Advanced Entry, please contact: Karen Delenay at:

E: admissionscc@carlowcollege.ie T: +353 59 9153243