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Appeals & Procedures

Procedures Regarding Appeals for Re-checks and Reviews

The following procedures governing appeals for re-check and review of examination and assessment material are compliant with QQI Assessment and Standards (2013).


  • Re-check: The administrative operation of re-checking the recording and addition of marks for a module or stage.
  • Review: The detailed re-consideration of the assessment decision of all or part of the examined material by both internal and external examiners.

Procedures to Request a Review

A request for a re-check or review must be submitted to the Registrar ( no later than five working days after the examination results have been posted on the College’s Student Record Management System.

A fee of €20 per module will be charged for a re-check and €70 per module for a review. This fee can be paid here. The fee will be refunded to the candidate in the event that the re-check results in a positive upward change in mark.

The request for a review of assessed material must be accompanied by a detailed submission by the candidate identifying the reason or reasons for which the review is being sought. It must contain the specific grounds on which the review is being sought. The grounds for review will normally be that the candidate suspects that all or part of the assessment process was erroneous.

Grounds for review must be specified under one of the following three headings:

  • That there were compassionate or extenuating circumstances that may have affected the result which was not known at the time of assessment.
  • That evaluation of assessed material was erroneous.
  • That there were procedural or administrative errors in the assessment or the processing of assessment results.

An appeal on the basis of the candidate regarding that a result in all or part of the assessed material was below their projected expectation may not be considered as reasonable ground for appeal for a review unless said result is demonstrably out of sequence with other components assessed within or across modules.

Candidates who are considered by the Registrar’s Office as having reasonable grounds for appeal for re-check or review of assessed material must not assume a favourable outcome to that appeal and should be aware that results may be reviewed downward as well as upward.

Communication of Outcomes

The outcome of an appeal for review or re-check considered by the Registrar’s Office will be communicated in writing to the candidate prior to the sitting of a repeat examination or the opportunity to present material for reassessment. Candidates who are appealing a failed mark should register for repeat examinations and/or prepare for reassessment of material.