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Dr Elaine Callinan

Lecturer in History


059 915 3298


Second Floor, Middle House

Dr Elaine Callinan is a lecturer in History on the B.A. (Honours) in English & History and the B.A. & B.A. (Honours) in Humanities. Elaine is a first-class B.A. (Hons) graduate of Humanities from Carlow College, and a first-class honours M.Phil. in History graduate from Trinity College Dublin. She completed her Ph.D. study on ‘Electioneering and Propaganda in Ireland, 1917-1920’ in Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Professor David Fitzpatrick. Elaine also holds a Dioplóma sa Ghaeilge (Irish Language Diploma) from National University of Ireland, Galway and is awaiting an award of Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education from Trinity College Dublin.

Professional Associations:

Member of Irish Association of Professional Historians

Member of Women’s History Association of Ireland.

The focus of Elaine’s research is to examine how politicians and political parties campaigned in elections in Ireland just before the foundation of the Free State. She is particularly interested in how election campaigns were conducted in an era of political and military upheaval in Ireland, and in the legacy of the same on the Free State and Northern Ireland.  Her work stems from a broader interest in the nature of the two states in Ireland during a time of internal and global conflict, and in placing the Irish experience in a wider context.  Elaine’s principal areas of historical interest are seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Irish and global history and nineteenth and twentieth centuries Irish history.

  • ‘The Mood of the nation: Ireland’s response to Redmond’s call to war in 1914 as reported in the regional press’ in The Irish regional press, 1892-2012: changing media in a changing country (Dublin: Four Courts Press, July 2018)
  • Carloviana, Journal of the Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society: ‘Carlow and the 1918 General Election’, 2019 Edition
  • Brian Hughes & Connor Morrissey (eds), Southern Irish Loyalism, 1912-1948 (Liverpool University Press): chapter titled ‘Voting to maintain the Union in 1918: ‘the strongest pillars upon which they stood’ [Pending]
  • Chapter in Book titled The Irish regional press, 1892-2012: changing media in a changing country Dublin: Four Courts Press, July 2018) on Ireland and the Great War
  • Review of the new batch of five Maynooth Local History pamphlets Family & Country History, ed by Steve King
  • Review of 1916 The Church & The Rising, edited by Greg Daly, published by The Irish Catholic (Dublin, 2016) for The Furrow
  •  Irish Times Supplement ‘Countdown to War’: 2000 word article titled‘Redmond’s Gamble’ (May 2014)
  • Carloviana Journal, publication of Carlow Historical Society.  Article ‘The 1641 Rebellion in Carlow: Causes and Consequences’
  • Articles in Carlow Nationalist on Decade of Commemoration 1913-1923.


Public History


  • RTE, The History Show with Myles Dungan, 30 December: Panel with Elaine Callinan, Diarmaid Ferritter and Mary Muldowney discussing 1918 General Election.
  • Interview with Kathy Donaghy for opinion piece in Irish Independent, 2 December 2018 titled ‘A Forgotten History’.
  • Irish Times, 14 December: ‘Sinn Féin landslide in 1918 not quite what it seemed’.
  • RTE, The History Show with Myles Dungan and with fellow interviewee David Farrell on the topic of the Single Transferable Vote, January 2019.
  • Northern Visions TV, Belfast, History Now hosted by Barry Shepherd. Panel: Dr Elaine Callinan and Dr Martin O’Donoghue on the topic of elections in Ireland in the early 1920s, 27 May 2019.

Diplóma sa Ghaeilge (National University of Ireland, Galway);
B.A. (Carlow College);
PGDip in Higher Education (Trinity College Dublin);
M.Phil. (Trinity College Dublin);
Ph.D. (Trinity College Dublin)

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