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Dr Morgan Cawley-Buckley

Research Expertise

My research currently focuses on community development practices in conjunction with the UNHCR resettlement process which could be enhanced by the application of Wenger and Lave’s Community of Practice (CoP) social learning theory. The discussion is informed by reflections on ten years of community development with the resettled Rohingya in Carlow, Ireland. It is a critical time to analyse community development with this cohort for what is an on-going and international humanitarian crisis. The article provides an overview of the resettlement process for this group and some discussion of the theoretical underpinnings of the research. The CoP model is then broken down into four components—community, practice, meaning and identity—and applied to community development practice with the Rohingya. Two primary recommendations are made. Firstly, taking a longitudinal view of development is recommended, looking beyond the initial stages of relocation. Secondly the developmental goal for the Rohingya to be independent of agencies is challenged; it is instead argued that interagency engagement with the Rohingya should be preserved to build capacity for social change and progress.

Selected Commissioned Works

2019    Carlow Song Cycle, Gráinne Mulvey, 25’ sop & gtr, Dublin: Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland.

2018    The Church Bells of Yenikoy, Gilbert Biberian, 15’ gtr trio.

2018    After Rain, Peter Wyer, 12’ gtr trio.

2016    Talking Drums, Stephen Goss, 8’ gtr duo, Levis, Quebec: Doberman-Yppan

2016    Two Études and a Fantasy on African Rhythms, Mark Delpriora, 6’ gtr duo.

2015    Soliloquy no. 5, Edwin Roxburgh, 8’ gtr, Purcell Room, Bury St Edmunds: United Music Publishing

2015    Grimm Tales, David Knotts, 13’ gtr, available at:

2015    Hue and Chroma, Gráinne Mulvey, 10’ gtr Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland

2015    With the Ideal Comes the Actual, Kate Honey, 12’ gtr,

Consultation for the QQI CINNTE Institutional Review of NUI Galway 2019.

Standby reviewer for the Athena SWAN Ireland review panel 2020 January intake.

Conference Papers

2019: Buckley, M., Coyle, D., Mulvey, G. (Jan, 2019) ‘Creative Topographies of the South East’. Public panel discussion at VISUAL Contemporary Arts Centre, Carlow.

2016: Buckley, M. (2016, December) ‘Retrospective and Ethnographic Methodologies in Performance Studies Research’. Psychology of Performance MPhil Seminar, Faculty of Music, Cambridge.

2016: Buckley, M. & Flood, E. (2016, July) ‘Communicating with the Orishas: Exploring cross culturation and the creative process in two commissions on Yoruba Bata drumming music, output III’. Lecture Recital presented at the Performance Studies Network Conference, Bath Spa University.

2016: Buckley, M. & Flood, E. (2016, June) ‘Communicating with the Orishas: Exploring cross culturation and the creative process in two commissions on Yoruba Bata drumming music, output II’. Lecture Recital presented at the Society for Musicology in Ireland Annual Plenary Conference, St Patrick’s College, Dublin City University.

2016: Buckley, M. (2016, May) ‘Creative Collaborative Composition: Evaluating the distribution of creativity in four new works for solo guitar’. Paper presented at the PhD day, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge.

2015: Buckley, M. (2015, January) ‘The Performer as a Creative Agent in the Collaborative Compositional Process’. Paper presented at the Society for Musicology in Ireland Eighth Annual Postgraduate Conference, University of Ulster.

2014: Buckley, M. (2014, March) ‘Five Bagatelles by William Walton and Julian Bream: a case study in distributed creativity’. Lecture recital presented at the International Guitar Research Centre Conference, University of Surrey.


Conference Organisation

2019: International Dublin Guitar Symposium 2019 – conference committee member


Keynote Speeches

2016: Buckley, M. & Flood, E. (2016, March) ‘Communicating with the Orishas’ Keynote address at the International Guitar Research Centre Conference (IGRC), University of Surrey, UK.


Media Interactions

2019: KCLR Interview and live performance with Sue Nunn promoting the Here Together cross-institutional project with IT Carlow and WIT.


Other Research-related activity

2019: Buckley, M., Delpriora, M., Flood, E., Goss, S. (Feb, 2019) ‘The Music of Mark Delpriora and Stephen Goss’. Public lecture as part of the Artistic Research Perspectives Series at TU Dublin.

2019: Poppema, S., Carney, C., Hogan, L., Finnegan, K., Cawley Buckley., M., Duykaerts, C. (2019) NUI Galway CINNTE Institutional Review 2019. Dublin: Quality and Qualifications Ireland.

2019                DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, €6700, conference contingency funding.

2018                WIT Cross-Institutional Projects and Initiatives Fund, €10,458, series of creative projects and edited volume.

2018                Arts Council of Ireland, €4500, Music Commissions Award.

2016                Arts Council of England, £2260, curating masterclasses, workshops and concerts in Cambridge with Prof. Máximo Diego Pujol (Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel de Falla, Buenos Aires).

2016                Richard Carne Trust, £1000, research commission funding.

2015                Society for Education and Music Psychology Research (SEMPRE), Arnold Bentley New Initiatives Fund, £2000, PhD research commission funding.

2015                Holst Foundation, £1000, funding for the Performance of Contemporary Music.

2015                Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, Standing Committee, £1800, field-work research funding, 2015.

2014                Ambache Charitable Trust, £2000, fund for the promotion of Women in Music,

2014-16           Richard Carne Trust £12,500, PhD Research Funding.

2013-16           Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, William Barry Squire Trust Fund, £470, research outputs at conferences.

2013-16           Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, Graduate Tutor’s Research Fund, £480, research outputs at conferences.

2012                Arts Bursary: Music, Dublin City Council, €2000, funding for postgraduate study.

2011-13           Travel and Training Award, Arts Council of Ireland, €3800, funding for postgraduate study.

2011-13           Scholarship for Postgraduate Study, Department of Education and Skills, Ireland, €2500 funding for postgraduate study.


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