Mature Applicants

Individuals who are 23 years old on or before the 1 January in the year of application may apply as a Mature Applicant. 

Mature Applicants must apply through the CAO. The application form is available through the CAO ( and the applicant must tick the Mature Applicant box on the application form.


Carlow College will consider mature applications that are made through the CAO after the 1 February deadline, however, the application must be made through the CAO in line with the late application deadline (1 May). Mature applicants are assessed on the basis of interviews. There are two scheduled interview sessions, one after the 1 February deadline (normally April) and the other after the 1 May deadline (normally June). 


All applicants that tick the ‘mature applicant’ box on the CAO Application Form will be contacted by post by the College and made aware of interview dates and times. Applicants that are called for interview are required to be present to proceed with their application. Applicants are assessed on their previous education, work & life experience and demonstration of ability and competence to undertake the course. Applicants who are successful at interview will receive an offer through the CAO in Round A (early July).

Carlow College offers a range of support services to mature learners which include an Academic Resource Office, Academic Skills Module, Learning Support Classes, an Essay Doctor, a Learning Support Tutor and much more.


Please visit for more information regarding mature student application with the CAO.