Rules and Regulations for College Examinations

1. Candidates must be present at the Examination Hall ten minutes before the commencement time of the examination. Full-time and part-time students must have their current College I.D. cards with them. 

2. There will be no admittance to the Examination Hall thirty minutes after the examination has begun. No candidates may leave the Examination Hall until half the stated examination time has elapsed. No candidates may leave the Examination Hall during the final thirty minutes of the examination.

3. Strict silence must be observed on entry to the Examination Hall and in the course of the examination. Should a candidate need the attention of the invigilator, he/she must raise a hand without leaving his/her seat. 

4. Candidates may not leave and return to the Examination Hall during an examination unless accompanied by an invigilator. When leaving the Hall, for whatever reason, due consideration should be given to other candidates doing examinations.

5. No cheating: candidates shall not by any improper means obtain, or endeavour to obtain, assistance in their work. Neither shall they give, or endeavour to give, assistance to any other candidate, or commit any breach of good order.

6. It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that they have all necessary writing materials. Pencil cases should be placed on the floor when not in use.

7. Should a candidate miss an examination paper through illness, a doctor’s certificate should be furnished to the Registrar.

8. Upon completion of the examination, the candidate should leave the script(s) on his/her own desk for collection by the invigilator. The candidate should raise a hand to indicate that the examination has been completed. The candidate should wait for the invigilator to collect the script before leaving the Examination Hall.

9. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the cover page of each script is appropriately filled in.

10. No food or drink is permitted in the Examination Hall. Where necessary, a glass of water will be provided by the invigilators.

11. Candidates must ensure that all mobile phones and other electronic devices are fully switched off and are placed under their chairs for the duration of the examination. Subsequent discovery of a device in the possession of a candidate will result in the forfeiting of the examination. Should a mobile phone ring the candidate will forfeit the examination and will be obliged to re-sit at the next scheduled sitting of the examination.

12. A candidate who commits any infringement of the rules governing examinations is liable to disqualification from the particular examination, to immediate expulsion from the Examination Hall, and to such further penalty as may be determined by the Examinations Disciplinary Board, comprising the Registrar and two Programme Chairs. Candidates who have been granted additional arrangements under Reasonable Accommodations are required to comply with the agreed terms. 

13. In the event of an emergency, candidates should remain seated in silence and follow the instructions of staff and invigilators.
Registrar’s Office

The Examination Timetable will be posted in March/April 2016.