The Clubs and Societies Officer’s primary duty is to help students organise and maintain clubs and societies within the College. Clubs and Societies are a great way of getting to know your fellow students, especially the ones that share a common interest with you. If you are interested in starting a society, the C&S Officer will set you up with a room and a time-slot to let your society run as efficiently and successfully as possible.


The C&S Officer also manages Carlow College’s Sports Teams, registering them in Cups, as well as organising matches and team training.


Hi everyone! My name is Harry and I have been elected to lead all of the Clubs and Societies in the college for the upcoming college year (2016 - 2017). We are hoping to have a great range of societies this year including old favourites such as the college magazine Paddy's Spiel, Drama, and Music, as well as potential new and/or re-emerging ones such as the Literary Society, Chess, Fishing, Debating, Soccer, Basketball and more depending on interest of course. 

I’m also going to investigate the possibility of setting up a college radio station which is very exciting! My job is to facilitate your wants and needs for clubs and societies in the college so if there’s something else that you would like to see introduced, then by all means come and talk to me and we’ll see what we can do!