Year 1

Five Credits 

  1. Communication & People Skills 
  2. Creative Studies (Music) 

 Ten Credits 

  1. Principles & Practices of Social Care I 
  2. Sociology Government Politics & Policy Psychology I 
  3. General Ethics
Module Descriptor

Year 2

Five Credits 

  1. Communications & Self Development Skills 
  2. Principles & Practices of Social Care II 
  3. Legal Studies 
  4. Irish Social Policy 

Ten Credits 

  1. Social Psychology & Group Dynamics 
  2. Child & Family Perspectives: Theory & Practice 
  3. Creative Interventions: Theory & Practice
Module Descriptor

Year 3

Five Credits 

  1. Communications & Counselling Skills 
  2. Principles & Practices of Social Care III 
  3. Disability Studies 
  4. Contemporary Issues in Irish Social Policy

Ten Credits 

  1. Abnormal & Clinical Psychology 
  2. Legal Studies II 
  3. Research Methods
Module Descriptor

Year 4

Five Credits 

  1. Advanced Child Care (Term 1) 
  2. Youth & Community Studies (Term 2) 
  3. Intervention with Families (Term 1) 
  4. Gerontology (Term 2) 
  5. Contemporary Sociological Theory (Term 1) 
  6. Clinical Supervision (Term 2)

Ten Credits 

  1. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 
  2. Management & Leadership 
  3. Dissertation & Seminar
Module Descriptor
Course Details

Programme Code: PC404

Duration: 3 Years

Level: 7 (level 8 option after year 3)


What students of the Applied Social Studies Programme had to say...

The programme is up-to-date and relevant. The placement element is a great preparation for a career in social care.

Michael Lillis Social Studies class of '12

As a mature student I found the staff, my fellow students and the whole learning environment very supportive. I am glad I chose Carlow College.

Jacinta Hayden class of '13

I would describe Carlow College as friendly. The staff and fellow students are very welcoming and aim to do their best for everyone involved in the College. I loved my time in the College and I made some lifelong friends there.

Joanne Dowling, Social Studies class of '14