Career Opportunities  

Students who successfully complete this degree are recognised by the Teaching Council of Ireland for the purpose of teaching English and History at second level, provided they have acquired the Postgraduate Masters in Education (PME).

In addition, students with a BA in English and History find employment in a range of areas including: business, politics, technology, administration, the arts, libraries and archives and the media at home and abroad. Now more than ever, employers are seeking graduates with research skills and the ability to evaluate evidence and think critically.

The degree can also lead into further study. Many graduates of this programme have gone on to do Masters Courses in TCD, UCD and Maynooth University.

Course Details

Programme Code: PC411

Duration: 4 Years

Level: 8


What students of the English & History Programme had to say...

The standard of lecturing on the English and History Degree would be difficult to beat. In fact, all the staff of Carlow College including those in the dining hall, the library, the administration have been most helpful to me.

Patricia Foley - Graduate

My studies in English and History have enabled me to appreciate and understand how world events have influenced literature and art. Art, literature and history help us make sense of how we live our lives.

Bridget Flannery Graduate

There is a lot of support given to students on the English and History degree and it really helps to build your confidence when you're starting a degree programme.

Jamie Lawlor English & History, Year 4

As a mature student returning to education, I found that the outstanding lecturers at Carlow College restored my confidence, inspired my imagination, fuelled my brain and paved my way to broader horizons and an exciting future.

Amanda Pitcairn - class of '14, pursuing a MA at TCD